We want to create a democratic community via app, worldwide – decentralized – multilingual.

In HUMANITY 2, as far as possible, the voting questions of the respective
legislative body of the country are digitally released for everyone to vote.
A community for citizens’ initiatives & petitions, press freedom & breaking news and human rights violations for an enlightened and humanistic society.

HUMANITY 2 – A platform app that always strives to connect mankind regardless of location, time and age no matter what nationality, belief or gender. We want to use digital media anonymously to organize participation and free speech.

Mutual control instrument between governments, institutions and citizens

By using the HUMANITY 2 app, users can be made aware of violations of human rights, freedom of the press and parliamentary votesworldwide, they can participate in petitions, vote or approve a topic for publication.
HUMANITY 2 is particularly easy to install and offers user-friendly operation and extensive functionality with a simple, multilingual user interface.

HUMANITY 2 is a decentralized database structure or a digital register that records transactions transparently.
The special characteristics of the technology are decentralization, immutability and transparency.
This means that HUMANITY 2 is optimally tailored to the requirements of distributed workgroup environments worldwide.
Every user has the possibility to freely select the range of announcements, from continents to neighborhoods.

HUMANITY 2 collects as little data as possible and encrypts it so that it can be stored as anonymous data packets on different servers

We see it as an opportunity for humanity to reaffirm the true meaning of justice globally, the opportunity for everyone to say something, no matter what their financial situation is, for a better world; where humanity – can share to be a human.
HUMANITY 2 offers the opportunity within a few minutes to participate daily in a global policy based on solidarity – for more reason, tolerance and self-determination

In line with the idea that appropriate solutions to global social and ecological problems can ultimately only be found at a global level;

HUMANITY2 serves as an instrument for an enlightened and humanistic society. The tough fight for better social conditions is not in vain. And all of this happens with just a few clicks